Test your water safety knowledge.

Aqua Quiz
Click on the link above and take the quiz to see how much know about water safety.

Some children will be awarded ‘Swim n Survive’ certificates where appropriate.

Please note that not every student will get a certificate every school year for swimming. It is a competency based program where students must show a range of both survival and competitive strokes and apply knowledge of water safety and survival skills. Each student must also answer ten theory questions for each level about safety in and around water. Each skill in the water has a “must see” component as to correct techniques.  The aim of the program is not to pass the children for their awards but to develop their standard and proficiency at swimming. The certificates come as a bonus to give recognition of milestone achievements. A child may make the distance required for a level but their stroke proficiency or technique may not pass the test. They may be able to complete all the physical skills but not able to answer the theory component of a particular level. All students in Grades 1-4 will take the swimming water safety theory test before the end of the school year and can practice the theory questions at the above link. It is a fun quiz to do as a family, helps keep children safe in and around water – especially this time of year when it is hot weather and children are spending a lot of time swimming.  Contact your child’s PE teacher if you would like specific information about your child’s progress in swimming this school year.

Swimming Pool Tip – In extreme hot weather, when evaporation rates are high, remember to keep swimming pools as full as possible. This makes it much easier for very young children to independently climb out if they accidentally fall in.


Grade 1 Prepare for Student Led Conferences

Grade 1 Students are preparing for student led conferences by reflecting on their learning of skills, safety, sportsmanship and movement vocabulary. This video gives a small insight into some of the activities your children will share with you at Student Led Conferences next Tuesday March 18th. Enjoy.
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Swinging Monkeys play table tennis

As part of our ball handling unit Kindergarten students were introduced to the ISM table tennis facility with some fun and developmentally appropriate activities designed to further develop our eye hand coordination skills. Table tennis is a striking skill (using short handles) and a very challenging motor skill due to the small size of the ball and the necessity to apply just the right amount of force to strike the ball. However there are many fun lead up games we can play using the table tennis tables. Children alo learn the vocabulary of the equipment, gain valuable practice in working successfully with different partners, and also make connections to outside of school where they may have seen a table tennis table (at home or on vacation).
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Grade 1 Outdoor Ball Handling Skills

Grade 1 Outdoor Ball Handling Skills. Grade 1 Students are introduced to a variety of ball skills both indoor and outdoor throughout the school year. Along with each skill (throwing catching kicking dribbling etc) comes skill cues (stand side on, opposite foot forward etc) and progressions (standing to catch a large ball, moving to catch a small ball). Skills cues and progressions help children refine and improve their skills, be successful and develop competence and confidence in an active setting. Sometimes children are taught through direct instruction and at other times they use a guided inquiry process to discover for themselves the skill cues that best help them improve. Research tells us that when children are given time (through teaching approaches such as guided inquiry) to discover for themselves what works and what does not work, then the learning is more meaningful and permanent.

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Sports Day Fun, Sportsmanship and Videos

Sports day was great fun and we saw many shining examples of sportsmanship including students sharing, taking turns, using equipment and space safely and properly, shaking hands and using kind words with one another. We ran, jumped, balanced. threw, swung, bounced, dodged and raced our way through the day! It was also a wonderful opportunity to come together as students, teachers, and parents and help us all connect and feel a sense of belonging to our ISM community. Our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped make Sportsday such a success. These people include our volunteer official parent photographers, our IT department, our custodians, security staff, canteen staff, teacher assistants, art department, music department, HS Jazz band, ES office staff, AV services, Facilities department – all who contributed at some stage in the organisation, set up and running of the event. Here are some videos of the day. Enjoy.

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